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An interesting video from Dan Pink about the concepts in his new book Drive – on what motivates us to do what we do.

To read more: Whiteboard magic | Daniel Pink.

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Connecticut Business Expo!

On June 10th I’ll be speaking on a panel at the Connecticut Business Expo about Tapping the Wisdom of Others for Personal & Professional Growth.  

In this session we will explore:

  • Practical techniques and tools associated with peer advisory boards, mentoring programs and coaching resources
  • The pros and cons of each type of resource – what works best and who is most likely to benefit
  • The things you need to find out in order to decide what will best fit and support your specific situation and needs
  • How to get an ROI on your time and investment, should you decide to tap into any of these types of “development” resource

Click Here to Learn more about the program

The University is also exhibiting at the Expo – so Don and I will also be there to meet up with current students and talk with people about our work in the Post University Online MBA Program www.post.edu/mba

I’ve attended the Expo for several years.  It’s free for attendees; and a great opportunity to learn and network.   Learn more about the Expo

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Building Innovation Networks

Don and I recently presented at the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology www.ccat.us about Building Innovation Networks.

In this hour-long talk we discussed:

  • Different approaches to creativity and innovation
  • Keys to building and developing innovation networks
  • How different types of people create and innovate; and why
  • How to build a healthy entrepreneurial culture in your organization

We were happy with the program; and we were even happier that the attendees said they learned alot too!

The presentation is captured on this video if you’d like to watch – and let us know what you think!

Watch the Video of the Program on Building Innovation Networks at CCAT

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This excellent 18 minute video by Simon Sinek will get you thinking about how and why you do things; and perhaps more importantly, how to communicate in a way that everyone can understand.

His Themes:
“People don’t buy what we do, they buy WHY we do it”
“What you do proves what you believe”
“Those who lead us inspire us”

Let us know what you think …

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Social Media as a Productivity Tool?

Encourage the Use of Social Media at Work

Most organizations limit or frown upon the use of social media in the workplace. Understandably, leaders have nightmarish visions of their employees wasting hours on Facebook and Twitter. But reasonable employee use of social media has actually been shown to benefit companies. Here are three reasons to let your employees get connected:

  1. More attractive workplace. Many people, especially younger generations, see social media as a staple of work life and seek out employers who understand and acknowledge the critical role these new technologies play in our world.
  2. Improved productivity. Research has shown that employees who take breaks to surf the internet for fun are ultimately more productive than their surf-adverse colleagues.
  3. More engaged workforce. Employees not only appreciate companies that allow them to check Facebook at work, but they also use social media to connect with colleagues, improve communication, and speed up decision making processes — all of which helps them engage with their work and the organization.

Read More at The Harvard Business Review Online

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Part of working in teams is dealing with people who push your buttons.  We all have pet peeves that can set us off – often irrationally.  Yet the frustration is very real for all of us.   

How do you tame this Pet Peeve?  The folks at Harvard Business Review offer these tips:

  • Be ready.    Sometimes you can tell that these trigger moments are going to happen.  Get ready and think through in advance how you’d like to handle these situations with grace and confidence.
  • Laugh it off.   There is humor in every situation.  Separate yourself and find the siliness in the situation.
  • Pat yourself on the back.  In those situations when you don’t react badly, recognize that you succeeded and give youself credit for taking the high road.

Read More  at the Harvard Business Review

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Pause, Breathe and then Act

How many times have you wished for the “Undo” button when dealing with another person face to face?

Harvard Business Review recommends taking just 5 seconds before you speak or act to avoid embarrassment – especially in stressful or emotional situations.   We think it also applies when using the Blackberry or iPhone.

Brain Research shows that a simple pause – even for a few seconds can improve the odds of a more rational and less foolish action.

When you think about it, 5 seconds isn’t that long.  There is an added benefit.  Not only will you avoid embarrassment, but the pause will draw that person’s attention to you and give what you do say an even greater impact.

Read More at  Undo Send in Real Life – Peter Bregman – Harvard Business Review.




Waves of Change Partnership

Waves of Change is a Partnership of diverse skills and talents providing customized Organizational Development (OD) consulting services focused on integrating people and organizations. We team with our clients to stimulate learning and greater organizational effectiveness.

We are excited to use this forum to share interesting information about our practice and current events in organizational development.    We look forward to an exciting year in 2010.

Best Wishes for the Holiday Season and a Happy New Year.

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